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Joseph Sicoli

Graduate of Rutgers University Business School, Magna Cum Laude, Joseph has established a valuable set of soft and hard skills within the fields of marketing, branding, CRM, production, and management. His entrepreneurial mindset, relative knowledge, and acquired industry experience opened his eyes to a new horizon of creative opportunities. Joe loves solving problems and connects dots to help develop and bring “the big ideas” to life. He has a passion for working in events/hospitality, production/design, and admin/management. His goal is to continue helping brands, individuals, and businesses convey their stories through interactive and immersive branded experiences both digitally and physically.

Noel Camacho

Born to immigrant parents, Noel has developed an appreciation for hard work and dedication. After excelling academically in pursuit of a Computer Science degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Noel has now shifted his focus towards integrating his technical knowledge with strategic content creation; a multidimensional approach unique to the marketing field. Noel has the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and platforms, giving him an edge over competitors. Noel’s creative mindset has been a catalyst to his rapid growth in previous employment positions. He is now channeling toward independent growth and helping businesses of all sizes optimize their strategic marketing processes. 

OneUp Creations
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